Hardware Developing Manager

Permanent Position Fujian
24 Jan 2017
Expires on 23 Jun 2017

Company Description

Client dedicated to providing effective energy storage solutions for global green energy applications through advanced battery technology. It possesses R&D and manufacturing capabilities for power and energy storage battery as well as core technologies for whole industrial chain of materials, battery cells, battery system and battery recycling.

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Lucy Li




Job Description

  1. Candidate have to plan, organize, coordinate resources and conduct BMS hardware's R&D; Complete mission designator by controlling the R&D process and attach importance to quality as well quantity; 
  2. Defines the design of the electrical connection of battery system; including the design of dual pressure electrical circuit, electrical connection design and define the electrics;
  3. Examine and varify technical documentations such as BMS, BOM and member properties report;
  4. Assesses hardware designing engineer's electronic component selection work, the debugging and verification work and performance improvement work;
  5. Guides the works includes designs of BMS hardware circuit, designs of schematic diagram layout, designs of PCB and reviews of design proposal;
  6. Gives guidance for hardware designing engineer to assess the feasibility of BMS according to client's demand;
  7. In charge of the R&D job coordination of software and hardware as well as complete the system integration;
  8. Provide testing engineers' test design and assessment job with guidance and assist;
  9. Responsible for appraising, releasing and management changing of product design and development process;
  10. Deal with client-side exceptions problem.


  1. Master in hardware design with experiences of reliability design, security design and EMC design;
  2. With strong planning and cooperative management capacity; With technical issue analysis and problem solving capacity;
  3. Familiar with PADS Layout or its related software;
  4. Language skill: CET-6

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