Plant Manager

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10 Jun 2020
Expires on 10 Jul 2020

Company Description

Our client is an international electronics company. They have 4 factories in China. Their product enjoys great reputation in the market and can be applied to consumer electronics, industrial and automotive sectors. Their General Manager will take on a large role in the next one year, so they are looking for a talented plant manager to sustain the growth of their Shenzhen site. 我们的客户是国际知名的电子企业。他们在中国有4家工厂。他们的产品在市场上享有很好的声誉,主要应用于消费电子、工业及汽车领域。该职位会在深圳工作,作为总经理继任计划的一部分。

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Lily Wen




Job Description

You will directly report to General Manager,

  • Act as contact point for leadership in Shenzhen site and ensure the integration of the Shenzhen business in our client’s global operations
  • Job scope in the nest one year: Production, Quality, SCM, Engineering (Ops. Etc.), after that, it will be a full P&L management job
  • Change management


  • 作为深圳工厂的代表,确保深圳业务与客户全球业务的一致性
  • 下属团队:生产、质量、供应链,工程团队,一年后会是工厂全面运营管理的角色
  • 变革管理


  • At least 10 years' working experience in international manufacturing companies with over 8 years' as a managerial role
  • Experience in lean, Kaizen, cost down is a must
  • Strong leadership and collaboration with external and internal teams (directly/indirectly) to achieve operational goals. A hands-on plant manager (Have a deep understanding of the exact problem and root cause in production line operation)
  • Fluency in oral and written English and Chinese
  • Smart, flexible, can work under pressure
  • 至少10年在国际制造企业的工作经验,其中8年以上的管理经验
  • 在精益管理及成本控制方面有经验
  • 优秀的领导力及协作力。有运营的宏冠视野,但也能清楚产线上的问题,能和客户做好的沟通
  • 流利的英语和汉语口语和书写能力
  • 聪明,灵活,承压能力好


Our Offer

  • As a part of the General Manager successful plan
  • Fast developing platform with great cash flow
  • Competitive compensation
  • 作为总经理继任计划的一部分
  • 上升期的平台和充足的现金流
  • 有竞争力的薪资待遇

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