Excellent job offers in automotive industry (Location: Taiwan)

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01 Aug 2020
Expires on 31 Aug 2020

Company Description

Our client is a listed OBM company. Their products enjoy a great reputation in the global market. As a people-oriented organization, our client is highly care about the growth of every employee. They offer an internal post transfer plan to make the flexibility of internal development 我们的客户是一家上市OBM公司。他们的产品在全球市场上享有盛誉。作为一个以人为本的企业,我们的客户非常关心每一个员工的成长。他们提供内部转岗计划,确保员工内部发展具有灵活性

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Lily Wen




Job Description

As one of the key member of the young automotive BU (Vehicle electronic), we expect you to exceed expectations in your work.

Job openings as below,

  • Engineering (Senior) Manager
  • Quality (Senior) Manager
  • Manufacturing (Senior) Manager
  • Electronics (Senior) Engineer
  • Process (Senior) Engineer
  • Mechanical (Senior) Engineer
  • IE (Senior) Engineer



  • 工程(高级)经理
  • 品质(高级)经理
  • 制造(高级)经理
  • 电子(高级)工程师
  • 工艺(高级)工程师
  • 机构(高级)工程师
  • 工业(高级)工程师


  • Taiwanese preferred
  • Solid experience in system automotive electronics product
  • Experienced in SMT/PCBA
  • Familiar with IATF 16949
  • Good leadership with hands-on attitude. Problem-solving mind.
  • 台湾人优先考虑
  • 在系统级车载电子产品方面有不错的经验
  • 熟悉SMT/PCBA
  • 熟悉IATF 16949
  • 优秀的领导力、踏实的态度。积极解决问题的心态。


Our Offer

  • A great opportunity to work in a listed company with people-oriented culture
  • Competitive compensation
  • 一个在有以人为本文化的上市公司中工作的机会
  • 有竞争力的薪资待遇

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