Did you make a difference in someone’s life today?

We’re in the business of making connections.

Deep meaningful ones. That’s the moment we work for. It’s what our consultants strive towards and how our success is measured. To fully live up to the magic of making great connections and changing lives – that’s how we set the bar.

We work with purpose-driven organisations to attract and engage individuals whose persona aligns with theirs, and help individuals find businesses that allow them to grow, express themselves and fulfill their potential. In a nutshell, we change lives.

Because we wake up in the morning looking forward to it. Our culture is one that’s built on trust, accountability and gratitude. It enables every single team member to stand tall and feel proud doing what we do because it’s meaningful work. For us, work is the platform on which we stand on to achieve our goals and design our future successes.

Teammates you can call friends

In building our teams, we keep a lookout for A list candidates. Those who are not only brilliant but also driven, positive and will be a great fit with our team dynamics and work culture.

We believe that great synergy brings forth amazing experiences because it makes delivering great work is a cinch!

So once you’re in, you can expect to be surrounded by a network of peers that you’ll work with to elevate and be a constant source of support for each other.

A Unique Company Culture

If you’re looking to join a good recruitment firm, they’re actually dime a dozen. Finding a great one however, is somewhat of an art form. The good news is, with HRnetOne your search stops here.

We take pride in the organisation that we have spent the over 24 years building. Made up of people who have been with us from Day One and plenty of others who have hit their 10, 15 and 20 year milestones.

We believe that the reason we have talents who have grown with us is due in part to our company culture. Ours is one that’s unique – built on Asian values but in full embrace of changing times and external ideas and methodologies.

Grow like you’ve never grown before

We want our talents to make an impact from day one and we do that by making sure they have all the support and coaching they need to the best version of themselves.

Over 24 years of industry experience has resulted in us being a well-oiled engine of growth. We focus on encouraging our teams to take the initiative and chart their own path of success. Within our teams, we’ve seen fresh graduates perform exceedingly well and within a few short years, we gave them the opportunity to lead their own teams.

We make no bones about the fact that we’re a hardworking bunch of people who set high expectations across the board. This means that whether you’re into your 10th month at work or pushing past your 10th year anniversary, you can expect that your goals and targets are always set just a little above reach. Because we believe that when you need to stretch higher, you’ll grow and achieve better.

And in that same vein, our employee benefits and incentive structure is designed in a transparent manner to reward those that are willing to stretch.

Come do what we do.

Our belief is that great talent attracts great talent, which is why we’re always on a lookout for that rare gem to be a part of our team.

If you believe yourself to be that gem, come talk to us, and tell us about your passions, ambitions, and aspirations. We want to be the helping hand that helps you discover your true work purpose. Get in touch with us by filling up the form below and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your potential career success with us!

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