Leonnard Lee

Practice Leader, Singapore

Our objective is to deliver talents who not only meet the written criteria but also possess the elusive X factors which edges them out over the competition.


With over 14 years’ worth of industry experience, Leonnard has established himself as an expert in the field. Leonnard joined HRnetOne Singapore in 2001 and has since grown with the company through multiple achievements and milestones.

Being equipped with market insights, in depth knowledge about industry trends has allowed him to take on advisory roles to our clients based on the wealth of information that he has amassed. Leonnard works collaboratively with his clients every step of the way to ensure that he is able to deliver only the best tailored solutions.

As a Senior Team Leader, Leonnard manages a team of consultants across functions spanning from Engineering, Chemical, Healthcare to Finance and Human Resource.

The team benefits from his strong leadership and the keen insights that he employs to mould his team into top notch consultants that deliver the same standards that he sets for himself.

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