Bliss’s warm personality allows her to inspire trust and commitment from candidates, clients and colleagues alike. She is a professional in the best sense of the word: driven by more than simply a responsibility to fulfil mandates, she is truly sincere and acts with people’s best intentions in mind. Bliss joined HRnetOne in 2001, and over the past 21 years, has been instrumental in the growth of the Taipei office. Starting as a Consultant, Bliss was a source of inspiration for many, with her steady but rapid rate of successful placements and building of Key Accounts. Between the years of 2009 to 2014, Bliss sought to expand her scope and network further by moving to Beijing and then Guangzhou, where she held the position of Business Leader. At both offices, Bliss replicated the successful run she had in Taipei with the set-up of new operations at each city.

Bliss returned to Taipei in 2015 as a Key Account Director to focus on supporting the Asian accounts, especially GC in the region. In her current role, she is personally involved in senior level executive searches for high profile and confidential positions in MNCs and Taiwan conglomerates, spanning Technology and Consumer-related industries. Her list of acquisitions includes but are not limited to: CFO, CHRO, Head of Audit, Head of Compliance, CIO, Board of Secretary, Subsidiary President/ BU Head etc. Bliss holds a MBA degree from the University of Central Arkansas. She also holds the employment service, NLP, GCDF professional licenses.s