With a focus on head level and above search in sales and marketing functions, Chloe’s team and herself are highly focused on KA and has helped several key accounts build up their commercial and RD team in China. She has successfully completed more than 30 fulfillments for a foreign food condiments company in Sales, Marketing, RD and SCM functions within 3 years. Not only that, Chloe also completed 10 fulfillments for a new plant-based company in China within 1 year for manager-above roles.

Chloe joined HRnetOne Shanghai in 2015 and started her career in the company with B2B food commercial roles. With her ability, she expanded to Food R&D, followed by Consumer Sector Commercial and R&D roles. Over the past 8 years, Chloe strives to provide more than one option to her clients, candidates and team. Giving them the ability to choose by presenting facts supported by her recommendations is her style of work. She believes that no matter what, there are always solutions to a problem. Chloe treats every single person she comes across with respect and empathy, following through and accompanying them through every step of the way.