Compassionate and attentive, Judy drives to make an impactful difference for people and organisations every day. Her genuine interest to enhance the lives of the people around her is warmly felt by clients, candidates and her team. Judy is one of the unique individuals who are able to seamlessly create a joyful yet professional atmosphere, always making the journey an enjoyable process. Judy holds a bachelor & master degree in Chemical Engineering. Upon graduating, she worked as an engineer in the semi-conductor conglomerate. Her hands-on experience of two years helped her develop a deep understanding of the industry.

Joining us in 2015 as a regional consultant, she quickly achieved numerous milestones at HRnetOne Taiwan, rapidly establishing key accounts with top players in the industry. Judy’s expertise has seen her work with numerous significant projects, from supporting start-up acquisition talent mapping to new offices set up for clients. Her natural flair to connect deeply with candidates to understand their skills, personal, and career goals have helped her key accounts attain over 76.1% of retention rate for over 60 positions across various roles. These include RD, Process, PD, sales, Executive, IT, PM, executive roles in sales director, plant head, technical head.