Miranda Chin

Business Leader, Taipei

We deliver candidates who have a keen understanding of the ever evolving consumer needs and possess the capacity to lead through shifts in the market.


With over 16 years of professional experience under her belt, Miranda Chin is the doyenne of the Technology and Consumer practice. Starting her career as a consultant at HRnetOne Taiwan in 2005, Miranda has had nothing short of a stratospheric climb to top of the success ladder.

Within a short span of just 3 years, Miranda proved herself to be invaluable to the team, as she quickly expanded her portfolio by taking on the role of Team Leader and then managing the P&L for the entire Hong Kong office.

During the 4 years in Hong Kong, she travelled extensively within Greater China, developing new Chinese accounts and opening new specialization for Hong Kong consulting teams; such as, Telecommunications, Media, optoelectronics, consumer electronics, and Internet/gaming. These accounts include some of the biggest brands in the industry.

Today, Miranda leverages on the extensive experience she has gained to lead her team in designing client solutions via a practical and flexible approach. Their focus is to deliver services that are tailored to their business goals and always meet and exceed their expectations.

Miranda’s commitment and dedication to her craft cascades down to her team as she takes a hand on approach to ensure a constant strive towards betterment.

A graduate from the University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelors degree in Integrative Biology, Miranda also hold a Masters in Healthcare Administration from St. Louis University.

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