Madeline Wan is Group Business Leader for Greater China and Japan, leading a team of 165 consultants across 6 cities. She is responsible for overseeing all operations in the region, including business development, project delivery, leadership development, and organisational design. Starting in 1996 at HRnetOne as a Consultant, Madeline very quickly proved herself to be invaluable to the team as she garnered numerous Round the World Awards for her outstanding work. On 1 January 1999, she was appointed Division Manager and tasked with setting up HRnetOne Taiwan. She proceeded to sweep the Value Added Star Manager Awards and in 3 years, was asked to take charge of HRnetOne Hong Kong.

In 2005, with her keen understanding and appreciation of Asian values, Madeline started the Taiwanese Local Conglomerates team in 2005. This initiative soared right from the start with her ability to translate the expertise learnt from the MNCs into something which would work in Asian organizations with an Asian culture. She created a bridge between Asian culture and MNC talents. It is with this level of passion that Madeline went on to spearhead our expansion into China by setting up HRnetOne Shanghai in 2006 with her team. This was followed swiftly by HRnetOne Beijing in 2008 and HRnetOne Guangzhou in 2011. In 2007, HRnetOne Japan was added to Madeline’s portfolio as well. Under her guidance and stewardship, each of these business units achieved the amazing feat of being profitable from Day 1. Madeline is fluent in the languages of Retail & Sourcing, Consumer, Healthcare Life Science, Automotive, IT & T, Manufacturing, Semiconductors & Electronics, Food Science as well as HR and Finance & Accounting. A large number of these teams have been personally developed by her from scratch as she pushes them towards intense specialization and commitment to clients, whilst grooming a generation of leaders with impeccable standards.