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Subsectors: Global Sourcing & Buying Office, Manufacturing, Operations, Supply Chain Management


Gleaned from over 20 years of industry experience, we understand the challenges faced by leaders in this industry. From the ever-changing demands to advancements in technology and even the need for collaborative work with suppliers and distributors – it is absolutely essential for you to be equipped with the best talents possible.

Our core focus is to work collaboratively with you to alleviate these concerns. We do this by tapping on our key areas of talent sourcing and development, coupled with proven methodologies of understanding behavioral traits and personal characteristics.

Our extensive pool of contacts and candidates allows us to provide you with the right solutions by sourcing and securing the best talents for you. It is about ensuring that your leadership teams have the strengths that are needed to develop and enhance your competitive advantage.


Madeline Wan

Group Managing Director, Greater China & Japan

BeijingGuangzhouHong KongShanghaiShenzhenSingaporeTaipeiTokyo

Rubby Lim

Managing Consultant


Sam Chen

Managing Consultant


Tony Chen

Lead Consultant

Hong Kong

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Our goal is to build your talent base and strengthen it by ensuring that you are always equipped with only the best.

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