Industrial Expertise

Subsectors: Automation, Equipment and Machinery, Industrial Products and Services, Manufacturing


With over 20 years of experience in this field, we recognize the myriad of challenges faced in the industrial sectors, ranging from shifts in labour trends, government regulations, operational costs, and many more. Our in-depth understanding of the changing demands of the industry allows us to effectively offer a comprehensive range of solutions to address Industrial talent needs.

Our core focus to alleviate these concerns is by tapping on our key areas of talent development coupled with our proven methodologies of understanding behavioral traits and personal characteristics. The objective is for us to be able to deliver talents who not only meet the written criteria but also possess the elusive X factors which edge them out over the competition. In a bid to bring on board the best person for the job, we often look beyond the CV. Our competency and psychometric testing allow us fully to understand the individual’s character, strength, and readiness to take on responsibilities required for roles in the Industrial field.


Adrian Chia

Senior Managing Consultant


Aiko Naito

Key Account Director


Angela Kwak

Principal Consultant


Candice Chew

Regional Key Account Director

Kuala Lumpur

Catherine Yeow

Managing Director
Business Development Director (SEA)


Catherine Peng

Regional Key Account Director

Hong Kong

Kyle Yuan

Lead Consultant


Sam Chen

Managing Consultant


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